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The quality of our products has been appreciated and confirmed by awards:


Wibo was established in 1989. From the very beginning it has been specializing in the manufacture of color cosmetics. For several years, Wibo has been an undeniable leader in terms of sales and popularity.

Wibo is the most popular brand of all the nail care cosmetics in the Polish market.

Shares in total sales by volume of 11% and 8% by valued place the Wibo brand as a leader in the nail care cosmetics segment, ahead of such brands as Miss Sport or Astor.

Wibo and Lovely brands are very popular in the largest drugstore chains within Poland and abroad. We also offer collections of care cosmetics and cosmetic packages dedicated for in-out promotion campaigns.

Cosmetics manufactured under our clients’ own brand constitute a high percentage of our sales. They are present, among others, on the very demanding and competitive in Western markets, like Germany.

Wibo is soaring while the enormous wealth of knowledge as well as experience lead to successive achievements and success.

Our staff comprises over 200 employees constituting a well organized and dedicated team. Youth enthusiasm intertwines with executive experience in setting development direction of company.

We place great emphasis on development of modern production technology, to ensure high-quality cosmetics in our offer. Using innovative technological solutions, we offer our clients a wide range of new market products.

The high quality of our products combined with affordable prices makes us able to compete with international renowned brands.